- Hubble Space Telescope is launched into orbit

-Nelson Mandela is freed

-clean Air act Amendment of 1990 is passed

-Pollustion Prevention Act

-First elections in Romania

- Iraq invades Kuwait



 - United Nation forces attack Iraq

-Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia nations leave the Soviet Union

- The World Wide Web is available

- Collapse of the Soviet Union

- Federal recycling order signed



-Riots occur in Los Angeles after Rodney King was beaten by police officers

-Bosnia and Hercegovina secede form Yugoslavia

-John Gotti is convicted on 13 accounts

-The 27th amendment is passed, which said Congress members could not receive a raise until the next election

-The first African American female astronaut, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, orbits the earth


-NAFTA is ratified

-Czechoslovakia splits to become Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

-Muslims try to explode the World Trade Center

- Israel and PLO sign Peace Accord

- An anti-abortionist kills Dr. David Gunn outside his abortion clinic 



-Civil War in Rwanda occurs. over 800,00 innocent Tutsi's are killed by Hutu's

- Richard Nixon dies on April 22, at the age of 81

-Existence of Black Holes are proved

- Whitewater scandal begins to be investigated

- North Korean is suspected to have commited nuclear violations


- Oklahoma City Bombng

-Dayton Peace Accord is signed betwwen Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro

- Dr. Bernard Harris Jr. becomes the first African American to walk in space

- the first planet outside our solar system is found

- Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated


- Mad Cow disease hits Britian

- Theodore Kaczynski is the prime suspect of the Unabomber bombings

- Jonbenet ramsey is found dead after she was reported missing for 8 hours

-Dublane massacre occurs at Dublane Primary School in Scottland. 16 children, 1 adult, and the attacker are killed



- Princess Diana dies in a car accident

-Hong Kong is returned to China

 - A sheep, named Dolly, is successfully cloned



- President Bill Clinton is impeached

-India and Pakistan test nuclear weapons

- Bill Clinton admits to the Lewinsky affair

- The international Space Station is launched

- Two U.S Embasies are bombed in Africa



- Panama Cananl is returned to Panama

- John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a plane crash

- The Euro becomes Europe's currency

- School shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. 12 students are killed and 1 teacher